The deadline is fast-approaching for submissions to the Zero Carbon Bill.

We’ve sent ours in – here it is as a PDF

or as a view-only google doc so you can copy and paste into your own submission.

Here’s the link to make a submission 

If at all possible it’s important that you are prepared to speak to your submission. If enough people tick that box, then the Select Committee MAY make arrangements to at least visit the main centres to hear your submission (this is not guaranteed).

Also, if you’re not making a verbal submission, then yours will be summarised by staff and packaged up with the thousands of others in a summary.   If you’re speaking to your submission, then MP’s on the Select Committee will see your submission in its entirety.

Make it personal – your own experience, your own fears about climate change, your own concerns in your own voice are very important for the government to hear.

The deadline is Tuesday 16 July.  Make your voice heard!