The Government is in the middle of its super-fast public consultations on its post-2020 climate policy – or its “intended nationally determined contribution” (INDC) – commonly known as a post 2020 emissions reduction target that must be submitted ahead of the climate talks in Paris later this year.

We hope the Government will take its head out of the sand for its post-2020 policy.  Photo credit: Ruth Dyson

We hope the Government will take its head out of the sand for its post-2020 policy. Photo credit: Ruth Dyson

They’ve already held a week of meetings around the country – our apologies for not getting this message to you earlier.

Please find pasted below the list of public meetings over the next two weeks – in Rotorua(today), Auckland (today), New Plymouth, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

It is important that as many of us take part in these meetings as possible, to give officials the message that we care about NZ having a strong climate change policy.

The deadline for submissions to the Ministry for the Environment on this issue is June 3.  Click here for the MfE website page that has a video and discussion document, plus an online submission form.  These submissions are to the Ministry for the Environment officials who will draw up the policy that Cabinet would then approve.

You can make your own submission, or go to a submission form created by a range of different groups and organisations.  Here’s some links:

Generation Zero
Green Party

Greenpeace is also expected to post its online submission form this week.

What we do know is that our 2020 climate target is very weak, and that our Government needs to step up action on climate change.   Our ETS is broken – some even say it should be scrapped.

Our emissions are going through the roof (expected to be around 34 percent above 1990 levels by 2020) and it seems the Government aims to meet this target through forest “sinks” and carbon trading, rather than actually cutting emissions.  Our largest source of emissions, the agriculture sector, is exempted from the ETS and can’t even admit climate change is real.

Further reading – this is largely from Brian Fallow at the NZ Herald, as he is one of the few journalists in NZ who understands climate change policy.
Government vague on climate targets (NZ Herald)
Brian Fallow: Climate costs left for the future (NZ Herald)
NZ’s greenhouse gas emissions soar (NZ Herald)

CANA will make a submission to the Government, which we shall post online. We hope the Government will post all submissions online, in the interests of transparency.

Government climate consultation public meeting schedule:

Monday 18 May

5.30 pm Copthorne Rotorua 328/348 Fenton Street

Rendezvous Hotel 71 Mayoral Drive, Cnr Vincent Street, Auckland, 7.30 pm

Tuesday 19 May

New Plymouth
Copthorne Hotel Grand Central 42 Powerderham Street – public meeting: 11:30 am,  Hui, 2.30

The Thorndon Hotel 24 Hawkestone Street,  7:00 pm

Wednesday 20 May

Russley Golf Club and Function Centre, 428 Memorial Ave:  Hui 5:00 pm;  Public meeting 7:15 pm

Thursday 21 May

Kingsgate Hotel, 10 Smith Street, 6.30 pm

Monday 25 May

Rydges Hotel. 75 Featherston Street  7.00 pm