It’s 2018. Coal belongs in the last century. Can you believe there are 14 new coal mines on the industry’s books for the Buller Plateau?

Right now our focus is on the first of these 14 mines – Te Kuha, an untouched bushclad mountain ridge visible from the small town of Westport and from the beautiful West Coast tourist highway. Stevenson Mining have been granted consent to destroy Te Kuha for coal. Coal that, if we were responsible global citizens, we would not burn.

Forest and Bird, with support from CANA, has appealed the West Coast Regional Council’s decision to grant consent for Te Kuha in the Environment Court. CANA will provide an expert economic witness to argue against the mine on economic grounds.

That’s where you come in. Can you help? We need to raise funds to pay for that expert witness.

Every donation – no matter how large or how small – will help us pay these costs. Regular donations are also great. Please donate whatever you can afford to:

Coal Action Network Aotearoa
(Kiwibank) 38 9011 0484435 00

It’s 2018; we shouldn’t need to be still doing this! But we will, for as long as it takes. Every dollar donated is a dollar spent at the coal face of ending fossil fuel extraction in Aotearoa. With your help we will stop this mine.