1. NZ slammed by Climate Action Tracker

CANA’s Cindy Baxter, reporting from the COP24 conference, says that Climate Action Tracker has rated NZ’s current  policies to be “highly insufficient” and our 2030 target “insufficient”,  and we are also being criticised for creative accounting with our emissions.

Although NZ has a new government that has banned offshore oil and gas exploration and intends to bring in a Zero Carbon Act, Climate Action Tracker notes that:

… there will still be a substantial delay, possibly until 2020, before any new and substantive policies are introduced to actually change the present “Highly insufficient” trajectory of New Zealand’s emissions.

 The full report is here

2. David Attenborough speaks truth to power

Speaking for the  public in the “People’s Seat” at COP24, the renowned naturalist didn’t hold back, warning of the existential challenge of climate change in stark terms, including the potential collapse of civilisation.

Watch his speech here