With the assistance of a data specialist, CANA has compiled databases of Discharge to Air (DTA) resource consents issued by Regional Councils (excluding Gisborne, who are yet to fully digitise their paper records).

It is our hope that locals, environmental groups, researchers and activists will find this information useful and empowering.

For ease of use, we have provided the data in Excel files, sorted by the name of the consent holder wherever possible.

Where the consent holder’s name is unavailable, we have sorted the spreadsheets by the relevant “Linz Owner”, that being the first name reported by the LINZ online database for that address.

Consents that have neither a Holder nor a LINZ name are, presumably, located on public land. If you have more or better information, please let us know!

The files have been zipped into separate North Island and South Island archives; just click to download below:



If you have difficulty unzipping the folders, here is a link to a free unzip app for both Mac and Windows platforms.

Documentation is provided in the PDF below:


We welcome your comments, questions and, in particular, corrections and updates – please email them to: