You are invited to the launch of

Our Climate Declaration

at any of four video-linked locations on Sunday, June 18th, 2017, from 3 to 5pm

The aim of our Declaration is to bring people together around a short, simple narrative describing a future New Zealand that protects the climate. We aim to stimulate a national movement, supporting concerned citizens to develop climate action plans in their groups for work, learning, leisure and worship.  It outlines the bad stuff we have to stop doing and the good things we have to pursue. We believe that with the force of numbers, we can achieve a secure future for Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Keynote speakers include

Prof James Renwick, leading climate scientist and lead author with the IPCC

Drs Alex Macmillan and Rhys Jones of Ora Taiao (climate and health)

Sir Alan Mark, ecologist

Robyn Malcolm, actress

local musicians

local school students

Venues and contacts

Auckland: Grey Lynn Community Centre, 510 Richmond Rd Grey Lynn;

Wellington: Preservatorium – Cafe and Cannery 39 Webb St;

Christchurch: XCHC Exchange Christchurch  376 Wilsons Rd Nth;

Dunedin: Centre for Sustainability, Otago University, Castle St;

For people far from these centres it will be possible to watch it live streamed on your computer. Details later on our website. 

Convener Dr Joanna Santa Barbara