Yes, we’re familiar with all the stereotypes about environmentalists . . . we’re scruffy Luddites resistant to ironing our shirts or slapping on a bit of lippy.  Well, we’ll admit to being little unkempt at home in our sweatpants and hoodies but when we go out to talk to folks about why we need to keep the coal in the hole we try to scrub up and look as flash as we can — that’s why we’ve spruced up our website.  We hoping that it looks more attractive than our previous design.  We want to look good for you.
We now have a new pithy domain name ( and we’ve tidied up the site so all the wealth of information we have on coal is easier for you to find. Under the ‘Coal’ heading on the top menu bar you’ll see that we have a section on ‘proposed new mines’ along with a fact sheet on coal called —you guessed it—’coal facts.’
There’s also a handy ‘donate’ page so you can help us and support our efforts to move to sustainable energy sources.  And if you scroll down the page a little you’ll see a link to our twitter feed.
We hope you like our new look and we welcome your comment. We want to thank Dieter Riedel at Web and Design Boutique for all his hard work and support in helping us revamp the site.