Fonterra is New Zealand’s second biggest coal user – and they are planning a further major expansion of their coal use. At a time when Antarctic ice sheets are under increasing threat from climate change, that’s criminally irresponsible.

But Fonterra have an alternative: they could use wood waste instead of coal in their new plants, and then progressively switch their existing coal plants to use wood waste. So far, they have refused to take up that alternative.

It’s Time To Tell Fonterra: No New Coal

dairy for life

Many people know that Fonterra, and the expansion of the New Zealand dairy industry, have led to massive environmental problems. These include the degradation of water quality and a big increase in agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.

But what’s less well known is that Fonterra burns coal to dry milk powder. Their use of coal has expanded 38% since 2008 and they are planning a further major expansion.

So, in partnership with Action Station, Coal Action Network Aotearoa has launched a campaign calling on Fonterra to commit to building no new coal boilers, and then to progressively phase out existing coal boilers.

We think this is an issue Fonterra is vulnerable on, and now is a good time to push for change. If you agree, please sign and share this call to action: