Earlier this month, the Auckland Diocese of the Anglican Church became the first New Zealand institution to decide to divest from fossil fuels – that is, to withdraw  investments from companies whose main business is the extraction and/or production of fossil fuels.
Here is the full story on that decision:


We’re delighted to report that the four other Anglican dioceses which have been considering divestment motions have also voted to divest from fossil fuels – making 5 out of 5 dioceses that have voted to divest:

  • Auckland
  • Waiapu
  • Wellington
  • Dunedin
  • Waikato and Taranaki

This is a wonderful start to the fossil fuel divestment campaign in Aotearoa/New Zealand: our congratulations to those who are leading this effort and the dioceses who have made this decision!

Of course, there is a very long way to go, but we hope that these early successes will serve as a powerful example both to other denominations and faiths, and to other institutions.

Don’t forget to check the Go Fossil Free NZ website for divestment campaign information and resources.