Coal Action Network Aotearoa

Download What Is Coal Action Network Aotearoa?, which introduces us and what we’re doing.

Download the Leave The Lignite, Save the Soil image for screen printing etc. Design by Katy Yiakmis.

Click to download the CAN Aotearoa Leaflet. Design work kindly donated by Katy Yiakmis.

Click to download How Nonviolence Works and Understanding Nonviolence in a combined edition. (PDF file, 4.2 MB)

Climate Education

Arguments against climate change scepticism and denial

Download “But It’s Just A Natural Cycle…”, by Jane Young

Look at What’s Really Warming The World?, a resource from Bloomberg.


Click to download Southland lignite & the climate – an introduction

Click to download the CAN Aotearoa Beware Lignite leaflet

Click to go to our blog post which contains the powerpoint presentation by Jeanette Fitzsimons called ‘Keep the Coal in the Hole: Why NZ’s lignite should not be mined’. Jeanette showed this presentation at CAN Aotearoa public meetings in early 2011.

Click to download local group Lower Mataura Landcare’s backgrounder

Click to download the Leave the Lignite! Save the Soil! flier

West Coast

Click to download Help stop the Escarpment mine, Denniston Plateau, a leaflet produced by local group West Coast Environment Network.

Read Jeanette Fitzsimon’s submission against the Denniston mine.

Speeches, articles

Jeanette Fitzsimons’ speech notes ‘Keep the Coal in the Hole‘ (2008)

Jeanette Fitzsimons’ presentation to the ECO Conference 2011 – jeanette_fitzsimons_presentation_eco_conference_2011


Click to download Auckland Coal Action’s leaflet on Fonterra’s proposed Mangatawhiri Mine

Overseas Films

A Dirty Business 

A documentary about the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Australia which is surrounded by coal mines, dust and toxic chemicals. This piece of investigative journalism brings together multiple perspectives from a community in crisis.

Overseas photos

To get a sense of the scale of lignite mining, check out these photos from overseas:

We will be adding more resources as the campaigns continue, so please check here for further posters, fliers, etc.

1/ Coal Action Network Aotearoa has a primary focus on the impacts of coal mining on climate change
2/ Coal Action Network Aotearoa is opposed to any system which puts profit before people and planet.
3/ Coal Action Network Aotearoa is opposed to an unsustainable system which is based on expansion and on the exploitation of natural resources and people’s work in order to concentrate wealth for the few.