Coal Action Network Aotearoa has told mining investors to keep their hands off New Zealand coal.

L&M Energy held its AGM in Wellington today. The company is involved in underground coal gasification and coal seam gas exploitation, while another of the companies in the L&M group, L&M Lignite, is trying to exploit the massive quantities of lignite in Eastern Southland. These companies have been actively looking to gain new investors for mining projects.

Coal Action Network Aotearoa spokesperson Tim Jones said that the time is past when mining companies like those in the L&M group can go about their business unnoticed. “We know the Government supports coal mining, and doesn’t give two hoots about the terrible consequences of mining coal for our climate and the local environment. And we know mining companies like L&M are hoping to strike it lucky, with no regard for the climate, the environment or anything but lining their own pockets.”

“Coal Action Network Aotearoa, and anti-coal groups all over the country, are here to tell L&M and other companies with coal projects that there are no free passes any more. If you plan to mine coal, expect trouble. And if you don’t intend to actually mine, but instead intend to deliberately start an underground coal fire and collect the resulting gases – which is what underground coal gasification means – then you might want to watch out for trouble too,” Tim Jones said.

“The same goes for foreign investors who might be thinking of putting some money into New Zealand coal companies and projects. If they come here, they can expect an unpleasant time of it. Opposition to the Government’s mining agenda is growing, and now isn’t the time for mining investors to put themselves in reach of opposition from a growing number of angry New Zealanders. We suggest they look at investing in renewable energy instead,” Mr Jones concluded.

Tim Jones
Coal Action Network Aotearoa

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