The appalling toll of the Australian bushfires and the inept planning and response of their government are a warning to the world of what climate change has in store for us all.

This poses a challenge to climate change denial that right-wing politicians and pundits are desperate to distract and deflect from, in both Australia and the US.

In their attempts to blame greenies and/or arsonists, they’ve been opposed by the firefighters themselves, who have no difficulty in speaking truth to power and incompetence.

This has caused splits in the Liberal government and in the Murdoch news empire, the prime echo chamber of climate change denial in both countries.

Finally, here’s a takedown of the “but we’re too small to make a difference” excuse that we also hear in NZ, plus the coal industry figures that are largely to blame for the Government’s ineptitude.

PS: A CSIRO scientist established the link between a warming climate and worsening fire seasons back in 1987.

His warning fell on deaf ears, and Australian coal exports soared over the next four decades.