Ka Nui! Enough!

Join a coalition of local groups at a protest outside the NZ Petroleum summit 2012, and say “Ka Nui, Enough!” to the oil and gas industry.
Industries are literally counting down to this event, where the Energy Minister will speak on the government’s planned expansion of oil and gas extraction in New Zealand.

At a time when we should be transitioning towards clean energy and a sustainable and more equitable society, this government continues to push its “mine it, drill it” vision for Aotearoa New Zealand. This government is supporting an oil and gas industry which pollutes communities and our rural environment while bullying those who resist; all for the profit of a tiny minority.

With many in local communities across Aotearoa locking their gates to get oil and gas out of their back yards, it’s Wellington’s turn to show our support for the communities affected by the expansion of the oil and gas industries in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Sustainable future not climate chaos!

Clean waters not toxic oil spills!

5pm, Wednesday 19th September
Outside the Amora Hotel, Wakefield St, Wellington.
Please bring banners, placards, and noisemakers if you wish.

Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/257320647720952/

Family friendly. Join us afterwards for a koha dinner and discussion.

The poster is below – if you are able to distribute these to friends/family/workmates/classmates or in local shops or libraries, that would be fantastic.

If you can’t make the event itself, but are willing to make a banner / placard at home, please email frances.mountier@gmail.com. Please see the text above for ideas for wording.

Ka Nui! Enough! Protest Leaflet