Science, and the principle that public policy should be informed by evidence based on observable fact, is under attack – not just in Donald Trump’s America, but in New Zealand as well. Two recent local examples:

And so it’s high time for people who support science – including climate science – to speak up in its defence. On Saturday 22 April, you can do just that. Here is the information you need to take part.

NZ Marches for Science



On Saturday 22 April (Earth Day) Marches will be held in the following centres – click on your nearest centre’s link for event details:

There is info about each of the marches on the website and Facebook page.

The New Zealand marches will be the first in the world.

The aims of the NZ marches are:

  • To highlight that science is international
  • To acknowledge that good scientists can be political
  • To promote greater inclusion in science

Science includes social as well as physical sciences.

In a world of “alternative facts”, science is under attack. Spend a little of your time next Saturday helping to defend it.