By Rob Taylor

By a 5-4 vote in 2007, the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) said that greenhouse gas emissions should be regulated by the EPA under the Clean Air Act; this decision was the legal basis for Obama’s actions on climate.

Wave hits breakwater in Japan during typhoon Cimaron: climate change will bring stronger storms and higher seas.

Should President Trump succeed in getting the hard-right operative Brett Kavanagh a lifetime appointment to SCOTUS this week, that decision can and will be overturned, in the interests of the wealthy oligarchs and corporations who control the political process in the US via “campaign donations” (legalised bribes) to both parties.

It may be 30 or 40 years before SCOTUS could again address the issue, by which time climate feedbacks will have kicked in and the Earth system will be irrevocably moving into a hothouse phase.

These dangerous  times cry out for a hero; enter Christine Blasey Ford, a smart and determined woman on a mission to stop Kavanagh’s ascension to SCOTUS, despite all of the male power, wealth and privilege arrayed against her.

Astonishingly, she may just win.

As they say, we live in interesting times – go Christine!