The Climate ElephantI am the elephant in the room.

Today the legal system in NZ has confirmed once again that it cannot see me. West Coast regional council commissioners have given the go-ahead to a new coal mine at Mt William. I sat in the room while they heard all the evidence. I was by far the largest creature in the room, as I always am when they talk about coal mining, but it seems they just couldn’t see me.

My name is climate change. My existence has been known for many years and I am recognised in government legislation, and big international conferences have been held about me for 20 years, but in NZ when it comes to coal mining, the biggest cause of climate change, I am not allowed to speak. My friends spoke eloquently on my behalf but their evidence was dismissed.

I will be there whenever decisions are made about me, challenging the blind. But be warned: elephants never forget, and are known to rampage.

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