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The Westport Story : Right Of Reply From Coal Action Network

Many of you will have followed the recent Scoop series (sponsored by Bathurst Resources) telling us what a great thing a new coal mine at Denniston would be. Today Scoop published our response on why a new mine at Denniston won’t create the prosperity the company promises. Coal, climate change and Bathurst’s financial woes – is this really good for the West Coast? By Kristin Gillies, Spokesman for Coal Action Network Aotearoa The recent Scoop series on the prospects for a new coal mine on the West Coast told a great story many of us identify with. The embattled region in many ways epitomises our story of our nation itself: hardworking, minding its own business, getting on with the job in a number-8 wire kind of way. This is all set in a landscape we all recognise as one of the most stunning in the world. Real Kiwi stuff. And anyone who has spent any time around unemployment will recognise the relief many in the Westport area have displayed at the news Bathurst Resources have been given a conditional green light to its beleaguered proposal to open a new open cast coal mine on Denniston Plateau. If Bathurst CEO Hamish Bohannan’s comments in the article are to be believed, then locals have reason to be happy, “At this level of coal production you are talking half a century of...

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Mining plan ‘pure lunacy’, lobby group says

Coal Action Network Spokesperson Kristin Gillies on TVNZ’s Breakfast explaining why we think opening another coal mine is not the answer to the West Coast’s economic crisis. view here……. All Solid Energy staff should be back at work tomorrow, and then lets begin a conversation about how we are going to provide long-term sustainable livelihoods for those...

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Solid Energy Job Losses: Its a matter of Justice

This Opinion Editorial by Coal Action Network Spokesperson Kristin Gillies recently featured in the Greymouth Star and the Southland Times: Many things get excused in the name of the economy. The government claims to want a balance between economic growth and environmental concerns. When the ‘greenies’ go on about how profit is being put before the environment ‘they’re just not being realistic’. Jobs vs conservation, that’s how it’s framed. Solid Energy’s a big fan of this story. They like to tell us how they sponsor the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, build skateboard parks, ‘create jobs,’ and provide the country with valuable foreign income. Well, this state-owned enterprise also hires spies, destroys conservation lands, takes the tops off mountains, and produces one of the dirtiest fossil fuel sources in the world. And last week, they announced they’re on the brink of destroying the livelihoods of 370 workers at Huntly East and Spring Creek mines, and at their Christchurch HQ. These announcements confirm what many have known for a long time: coal mining is not sustainable. Not for the environment, not for the climate, not for the economy, and not for the workers and communities who depend on Solid for their livelihoods. Hundreds of workers losing their jobs, hundreds more left in limbo or forced to reapply for positions. Solid Energy bosses are prioritising getting the company into shape for sale...

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Coal Action Network Aotearoa Newsletter June 2012

Kia ora koutou, It’s been another busy month for the campaign against new and expanded coalmining – of course, that’s true of every month! This month, we take a look at what Solid Energy has been up to lately, and their future plans – both what has been released publicly, and some inside information that we’ve acquired. The coal industry is clearly getting nervous about the pressure that anti-coal campaigns are putting on them. Mining industry lobby group Straterra spent a portion of its PR budget writing a pro-coal article for the Christchurch Press, to which we promptly responded. The coal industry is easily annoyed – so we’ve included a helpful guide to good ways of annoying them. We’ve also got information on how you can get involved in the campaign for a Citizens’ Initiated Referendum on asset sales, and campaign news and events from round the country. Our May newsletter was our first to be sent out using the MailChimp mailing list software. If you had any problems reading that newsletter, please let us know by emailing so we can iron out any problems. Regards Tim Jones Coal Action Network Aotearoa Contents 1. Coming Events 2. Asset Sales Campaign Update: Referendum Signatures and July Day of Action 3. Solid Energy Watch 4. How To Annoy The Coal Industry 5. Coal Seam Gas: New Threat to Taranaki and...

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Coal Action Network Aotearoa May Newsletter

Kia ora koutou, Welcome to the May Coal Action Network Aotearoa newsletter. In this newsletter, we report on the Aotearoa Is Not For Sale Hikoi and all the related events, including an anti-coal action. We have news of nonviolent direct action training and how you can become involved, and reaction to the Environment Court’s decision on whether climate change can be taken into account when consent resource consent applications for a new coal mine. Rod Morris continues his Denniston speaking tour, with CANA providing speakers on the relationship between coal and climate change at a number of the venues, and local and regional groups are continuing to build the campaign nationwide. There is plenty more news as well, and a focus on the economics of coal mining, with some good evidence to throw back at those who claim that coal mining makes communities richer. (In case you were wondering, it doesn’t.) A reminder, too, that you are welcome to join our Facebook group and invite your friends to do likewise. And you can follow us on Twitter Regards Tim Jones Contents 1. The Campaign Against Asset Sales 2. Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA) Training 3. Climate Change and the Law 4. Denniston News and Events 5. Regional/Local Group Reports 6. Economics and Jobs 7. The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement(TPPA) 8. Solid Energy Financial Review report 9. Video and Audio 10....

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