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May 5-13: Join The Global Divestment Mobilisation!

Are you tired of seeing business as usual all around you in the face of a worsening climate crisis?  Already know you want to take action? Find and sign up for the New Zealand action nearest you. Help seize the moment. Join one of these Global Divestment Mobilisation events happening near you between May 5 and 13.  They’re organised by people in your community to highlight the deadly climate impacts being driven by the fossil fuel industry and call on our local institutions to take a moral stand by breaking off their ties with this industry. In our region, the biggest new planned...

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Join The New Zealand Marches for Science, Saturday 22 April

Science, and the principle that public policy should be informed by evidence based on observable fact, is under attack – not just in Donald Trump’s America, but in New Zealand as well. Two recent local examples: When the Prime Minister’s own science adviser produced a report highlighting the serious degradation in New Zealand’s fresh water quality, Environment Minister Nick Smith called its conclusion “simplistic” in Parliament (see his second answer to Question 4). The Prime Minister refuses to acknowledge the scientifically proven link between climate change and the greater frequency of extreme weather events such as cyclones. And so it’s high time for people who support science – including climate science – to speak up in its defence. On Saturday 22 April, you can do just that. Here is the information you need to take part. NZ Marches for Science Website: Facebook: On Saturday 22 April (Earth Day) Marches will be held in the following centres – click on your nearest centre’s link for event details: Auckland Palmerston North Wellington Christchurch Dunedin Queenstown (we don’t have any details for this one yet, sorry) There is info about each of the marches on the website and Facebook page. The New Zealand marches will be the first in the world. The aims of the NZ marches are: To highlight that science is international To acknowledge that good scientists can be political To promote greater...

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Our Climate Declaration

  Here is a new climate change initiative we think deserves your support: Our Climate Declaration And, from the Our Climate Declaration website, here is what it’s all about: This is not a petition. This is a Declaration of our commitment to a different kind of future. A future based on respect, democracy and fairness, which takes care of people and of Nature. A future we create ourselves, by acting together. A future where our climate is protected. We can create this future by opposing the climate-damaging things that are happening, and inventing, creating and supporting the positive alternatives. A future based on respect, democracy and fairness, which takes care of people and of Nature. A future we create by acting together. A future where our climate is protected. We can create this future by opposing the damaging things that are happening, and inventing, creating and supporting the positive alternatives. It is time to take our future into our own hands. This Declaration is a tool for doing that. Please read the Declaration. If this describes the world you want, sign it and join us to make it happen. We can bring this about if enough people act in their communities, their workplaces, their local government, their schools, hospitals, churches, clubs. We can show that this is possible. As Naomi Klein said in her great book “This Changes Everything”...

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Climate Action in Aotearoa: A March 2017 Summary

by Torfrida Wainwright Here are six subdivisions of the national climate movement that focus on a rapid shift from fossil fuels to renewables. The list doesn’t include the myriad of actions and campaigns that focus on specific environmental issues like water, reforestation, or palm-oil, nor does it identify the personal/organisationally-focused activities and campaigns such as going solar, climate diet, or carbon footprints. Changing government climate policy – campaigning for an independent climate commission and a carbon tax. Gen Zero, a NZ-wide youth organisation, is pushing for a Zero Carbon Act to set emission targets and for a national plan to achieve the targets through an independent climate commission. A small national multi-organisation group is about to launch Our Climate Declaration, a summary of the changes NZ needs to make to address climate change. It is a manifesto for individuals, families, schools, councils, and community organisations.  Targets are worked toward online, but the document can also provide the basis for a scorecard so that voters can assess political party policies this year.  Website coming soon. Wise Response & NZ Risk Assessment Appeal is a national grouping of scientists, academics and others who appealed to the government for a risk assessment of climate change and better modelling in 2014. Many climate activists around NZ are using the next seven months to work within the opposition parties to achieve an urgent change in government. A 30-MP, cross-party climate...

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Robert Howell: Investing In People And The Planet – New Book And Speaking Tour

Investing in People and the Planet We think Dr Robert Howell’s new book “Investing in People and the Planet” is worth your attention – and so we’re pleased to help promote his New Zealand speaking tour. You can find out more about the book on Robert Howell’s website, where he says: In a world threatened by ecological disaster, global inequality and human tragedy, how can we make a difference? The bank that we select, the pension fund and insurance that we choose, the investments that we support, and the voice that we raise to shape Government investments and financial behaviour, can begin to make the changes that are needed when joined with the efforts of others. This book shows how and why. It can be purchased at New Zealand Speaking Tour – Dates and Venues Invercargill: Thursday March 23.    Southern Institute Technology Room B1-12 7.30 pm Contact: Dunedin: March 25.  Otago Polytechnic.  4.00pm.   Lecture Room G106, Ground Floor, G Block, Otago Polytechnic, Union Street East (near corner with Harbour Terrace). Christchurch: March 27.  5.30 pm (tea and coffee provided) for a 6.00 pm start.  Quaker Centre,   217 Ferry Rd, Christchurch.   On the corner of Nursery Road.   Some parking onsite. Nelson: March 29.  NMIT, T Block, 7.00pm. Contact: Wellington: March 31. GBLT3, Lecture Theatre 3, Old Govt Building, Pipitea Campus 12.30 – 1.30 pm. Palmerston...

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