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Fundraising Appeal: Help Us Save Te Kuha

It’s 2018. Coal belongs in the last century. Can you believe there are 14 new coal mines on the industry’s books for the Buller Plateau? Right now our focus is on the first of these 14 mines – Te Kuha, an untouched bushclad mountain ridge visible from the small town of Westport and from the beautiful West Coast tourist highway. Stevenson Mining have been granted consent to destroy Te Kuha for coal. Coal that, if we were responsible global citizens, we would not burn. Forest and Bird, with support from CANA, has appealed the West Coast Regional Council’s decision...

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Is Fonterra Really Changing? We Don’t Think So.

by Jeanette Fitzsimons Last November Fonterra reported that they will “only use coal as a last resort, with a target of no new coal boilers installed from 2030”. So what the second largest coal user in NZ is saying is they will carry on building new coal boilers for another 12 years!! That weak attempt at pulling the wool over our eyes doesn’t go nearly far enough in acknowledging the enormous impact intensified dairying has on the climate. Each of those new boilers will have a design life of 40 years. Fonterra plans to be still burning coal in 2060. The simple fact...

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Pushing Natural Gas – A Dangerous Diversion Tactic, Not A Transition Fuel To 100% Renewables

by Rosemary Penwarden “Natural gas will be an important transition fuel as the world tackles climate change.” – PEPANZ (Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand). Various versions of this industry-woven spin abound, from New Zealand Oil and Gas to Fonterra, from cheerleaders like our taxpayer funded NZ Petroleum and Minerals to even some government ministers. When you hear this rubbish from industry or befuddled friends and family, call it out. It’s tennis season. Here are five easy ways to slam this silly idea straight out of court. Number One – The Methane Problem: Unburned gas is mostly methane which, over...

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Changing Hearts And Minds At Mossburn Sunday Market

by Jenny Campbell Changing hearts and minds takes a long time but continuing the conversations with different audiences can bring surprises. I live in Mossburn township in Northern Southland, and I went to the new monthly Mossburn Sunday Market recently to gather signatures for the petition against the proposed Te Kuha coal mine near Westport. Because I was not sure what kind of reception I might receive, I softened my approach by taking organic vegetables and organic plums from my garden to sell for a good cause. The two tables sat alongside each other with the produce being the reason for...

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Sign Today! Petition to Save Te Kuha From Coal Mining Closes This Week!

Sign the petition here: 2017 was a year of terrible climate disruption worldwide, and 2018 isn’t starting off any better. Two weeks ago, there was a near-record storm surge in Thames. Last week, Greymouth was hit by flash flooding. It’s astonishing and appalling that a Government that says all the right words about the need for action on climate change may nevertheless let a new coal mine go ahead on the West Coast, when it could stop that mine with the stroke of a pen. We’re calling on the responsible Ministers, Labour’s Megan Woods and the Greens’ Eugenie Sage, to do the right thing for our country, our climate and our planet and say “No!” to this project.  Sign our petition by Friday to tell these two Ministers – no to a Te Kuha mine, no to new coal! Read our press release: Background The Buller District Council has just granted resource consent for Te Kuha mine, a 109 hectare opencast coal mine on the West Coast, but the government has yet to decide whether to allow the miners to take the top off the mountain – the 12 hectares that are part of the Mt Rochfort Conservation Park. The Department of Conservation has stated that this area is “recognised as nationally and internationally unique and for having very high ecological and conservation value.” It contains Great Spotted Kiwi...

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