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The Bentley Effect: How an Australian community defeated fracking

This great film about how an Australian community defeated fracking is now touring NZ – take the chance to see it at one of its South Island screenings!  Synopsis When the coal seam gas industry staked a claim on the Northern Rivers shire of Australia, alarm bells rang out. A critical mass of people from all walks of life – farmers, landowners, mums, dads, activists, scientists – organised themselves to rally against the unconventional gas invasion. Despite the enormous public opposition, the gas industry and the State Government were determined to see their gas plan through. A series of dramatic...

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Using the Election to Fight Climate Change

Cows, rivers, tractors, pipelines – all prominent in this election campaign. But how about the climate, which links them all? In this post, Zella Downing looks at the parties’ climate change policies. Climate Policy Party Priority Statement Green Party #4, #33, & #34 out of 43 policies Climate change is not just the biggest challenge of our time, it’s also a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform our economy and society for the better. We have a responsibility to act. Labour Party #10 out of 30 policies Climate change is the greatest challenge facing the world. If we do not urgently reduce our emissions of...

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Welcome to the Maquiladoras: New Zealand Government Considers Setting Up Special Economic Zones To Privilege Mining Interests And Override Environmental Protections And Investment And Immigration Controls

  Ever since its election in 2008, the National-led Government has tried to talk up the mining and exploitation of fossil fuels as New Zealand’s economic salvation. But, as anyone capable of looking further than the next three-year electoral cycle could have told them, they were chasing fool’s gold. Despite bending over backwards to smooth the path of oil drillers and coal miners, all National’s fossil fools have to show for their obsession is an eight-year record of failed projects and broken promises. Has any of that changed their thinking? Has National finally woken up to the fact that...

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Te Kuha, the Sacrificial Lamb

by Zella Downing   The idea of throwing a virgin into a volcano to appease the gods and prevent the inevitable seems somewhat comical in 2017, but 1st World, 21st century New Zealand is doing much the same thing. Sacrificing virgin, unspoilt wilderness in an attempt to fend off the demise of the coal industry. Stevenson Mining is asking permission to decapitate Mt Te Kuha and violate the pristine, untouched beauty found in the Paparoa Ranges so that they can dig out some more coal. Forest and Bird is fighting valiantly to prevent this attack, and yet there is...

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Next Monday, 26 June, Stand with Sarah for the Climate: 9.15am, High Court, 2 Molesworth St, Wellington

Law student Sarah Thomson has launched a judicial review of the New Zealand Government’s completely inadequate greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. Sarah Thomson and her lawyers now have a firm date for the hearing of her judicial review: It will be at the High Court, 2 Molesworth Street, Wellington, from 26-28 June, start time 10am. Now there’s a rally as well: The rally is planned for just before the start of the case on Monday 26th June. Meet outside the High Court on Molesworth St at 9.15am. Sarah will address the rally, and CANA will be taking part as well. Sarah is encouraging people...

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